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The dream of the legendary red flywheel slicer – the object of desire of enthusiasts and connoisseurs – began back in 1898.
The first meat slicer in history, the first Berkel, was the result of the passion and genius of a professional.Wilhelmus Adrianus Van Berkel - first an apprentice in a metallurgical company and then a butcher- put all his experience, methodology, and dedication into his work. He wanted to mechanically reproduce the perfect slice that only an expert professional hand could achieve.He studied the movement of the hand slicing with a knife and designed a concave blade that rotated by turning a crank. The same mechanism pushed a moveable plate towards the blade. That’s how he invented the meat slicer.
On October 12, 1898 in Rotterdam, Wilhelmus gave his name to the company founded to manufacture it. Soon
he opened new branches in various continents. Over one century ago, Berkel was already a world-renowned
brand, demonstrating how excellance and quality become stronger universal principles over time.
The continuous pursuit of perfection has allowed Berkel to grow its legend by combining history and innovation.
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