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Established in Cremona in the 80s, with a vocation for research, Coven is one of the first companies to have launched on the world market combi-steam ovens, and both convection and steam ovens.

Today a synergism of entrepreneurs together with a team of highly qualified technicians consistent with the original mission and with a shared passion for technological research, breathe new life into Coven with one aim only: the ideal heat.

Each hand-made oven is tested by our experts who monitor every single phase of the assembly process. Coven products are made in Italy and in addition to being simple to use, they have exceptional performance and reliability levels with a satisfactory quality-price ratio.

Coven’s future spells innovation.
The exclusive patents applied to the new products will guarantee a competitive advantage which is both enduring and significant, especially within the gas range which boasts consumptions and emission minimum levels.

官方網站: http://zhaocaimall.com/brand.php?id=555
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